Green lampshade and accessories with dark wall

How to add colour to a grey room

For years now having a grey and white home has been fashionable. It is indeed a lovely way to live. But there’s no doubt that this is changing. Look at any leading interior magazine and you’ll see there’s a lot of colour on every page. This can be at any level – from a few quirky pastels, or pops of bright colours with rugs, lampshades and cushions to full blow colour flood of the darkest walls, ceilings and furniture.

So if you haven’t yet it’s time to embrace colour! It doesn’t have to be expensive. Carpets and curtains are a major investment so you can easily keep those neutral and have fun with paint and accessories.

Taking the first steps to add colour to a room

Add colour with paint

What a great way to make a quick, inexpensive change to your furniture. Just try painting a small stool or a picture frame and you’ll see how easy and satisfying it is. It’s hard not to be addicted. And as my team are sick of hearing me say… if you don’t like the colour paint over it!

And the walls. Have a go with some colour. It doesn’t have to be really dark but this can really be warm and enveloping. Be brave!
We stock the real chalk paint Autentico. There’s a paint for every job. They are natural and come in 160+ colours. The hardest part is picking the shade.
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Add colour with accessories

If you add a bright lampshade and some cushions to your white environment it will immediately change. You’ll be amazed how the room is transformed and looks really on trend. Come and have a look in the shop at the amazing range of handmade shade and see for yourself how you can play with colour.

You can also take a look at a sample of our handmade lampshades on our website 

Add plants to add colour

Finally if you do nothing else – introduce plants to your home!!! Real of faux ( or a mixture) the life that you add to your room will be calming, therapeutic and instant. They are often architectural so add a sculptural effect too.

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